5 noiembrie 2018


Panel door solution was developed on the basis of system offered by YAWAL company – TM 102 HI. A 3-chamber structure of profiles and, most of all, modern solution for thermal insulation at the joint of the door frame and the leaf enables us to obtain the best thermal insulation parameters available on the market, which perfectly reflect market trends aiming at maximum energy-saving of offered solutions. It is also necessary to pay attention to high quality of materials used for manufacturing.

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The system allows for designing modern entry door in all combinations, which enables the system connection with window structures and TM 102HI transoms.

• best thermal insulation,
• a complete freedom of designing exclusive entry door regardless of combination,
• version with single-faced and double-faced panel,
• modern, multi-component central gasket at the joint between the door frame and the leaf,
• innovative, multi-point threshold gasket,
• quick and easy assembly,
• possibility of using panels with all possible designs, with decorative designs of stainless steel and with decorative cuts,
• depth of development 102mm, Ucv lower than 0.8 – solution for passive houses,
• possibility of combination with other YAWAL systems.