5 noiembrie 2018


Our perfect home has everything for everyone! A spacious and modern kitchen, large bright spaces to share with friends, many hiding places for children, relaxing baths and, last but not least, a generous and modern garage! Private, quiet and isolated, the garage is the men’s pride, an oasis of relaxation after a busy day at work and the place where cars are permanently protected.
Thus, Alexiana garage doors (sectional and roller) provide:

The garage is one of the important and very necessary spaces of our home. Therefore, its protection is just as important as that of the entire dwelling. Other optional features such as the photocell set, the warning light, the “safe fingers” hinge system of the panels add safety to the user or to the whole family.

Through a wide range of models and colours, Alexiana garage doors integrate easily into the general design of any home. Optional items (pedestrian doors, ventilation shafts, glazed panels or with windows) can add personality to any home.


With an efficient thermal and acoustic insulation, the garage doors provide extra comfort and convenience. The operation through remote control is an upgrade to the modern lifestyle and the ability to be an integral part of a complete automation systems of any home.

Technical details, technical specifications, colours, characteristics and maintenance

Maintenance tips
In order to ensure the correct operation and to extend the lifetime of your Garage Door, Alexiana will provide a regular maintenance plan. Do not hesitate, at any time, to call a qualified technicien to perform annual or biannual revisions, as per your warranty plan.
For the exterior maintenance of the garage door, we recommend:
– clean the surface of the panels at least once a year with a neutral detergent/soap and a soft brush
– avoid intensive cleaning with water pressure equipment to avoid damaging the paint layer;
– it is advisable, if the technical specifications allow, to apply a fine coat of car wax both to confer a well-maintained and elegant look to the garage door and for easier maintenance;

For the maintenance of the garage door frame, we recommend;
– in order to maintain the appearance and optimal operation, it is recommended to wash it with neutral detergents/soap;
– lubricate the frame, at least twice a year, with a silicone grease; Attention! it is very important not to use oil-based lubricants;

For the maintenance of fittings, we recommend:
– lubricate, every year, all mobile parts, springs and motor oil running gears (10W30);
– check the integrity of the paint layer and of the mechanisms;
– if you notice a malfunction, immediately contact a maintenance and installation specialist.

For electric operation, we recommend:
– quarterly check the electrical system;
– in case of manual operation of the garage door, it must be perfectly balanced; otherwise, and if too much effort is needed to operate it, contact immediately a maintenance and installation technicien;
– check the security sensors. The garage door must stop automatically if objects or persons are present, with integrated obstacle sensors. Otherwise, immediately contact a maintenance and installation technicien;

Important message
It is very important to carry out the annual or biannual revisions recommended by your garage door manufacturer to ensure the proper operation and to extend its lifetime. Constantly communicate with a maintenance and installation specialist.
Never attempt to adjust or repair by yourself the electrical or security features. Always consult a qualified and authorized technicien.

Sectional garage doors
Sectional garage doors are designed to be used by those who appreciate quality, aesthetics and above all, safety.
Sectional garage doors are installed directly behind the gap. Initially, they are operated vertically and, after opening the door, are positioned under the ceiling, parallel to the floor. These solutions allow:
– parking the vehicle in front of the garage
– using the entire garage space
– fitting the doors to unconventional garages.

Technical details
Technical specifications
Maximum available sizes, expressed in (mm) specific to the configuration.
»3000 x 3400 »3400 x 2400
» 3500 x 2400 »4000 x 4400
»5000 x 2400 »5000 x 3000
» 5000 x 3400

o manual with helicoidal spring
o electrical with remote control
Galvanized steel rolling systems and roller bearings.
The electric version of the garage door has a standard safety unlock that allows to be switched to manual mode in case of electrical failure.

Unique benefits of Alexiana products
Model 3
There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved.

o Corrosion-resistant sandwich panel
o Polyurethane foam insulation
o Traction cables
o Galvanized steel
o Rolling system on roller bearings
o Gasket seal on the frame of the door
o Thermal and acoustic insulation
o switch
o overload
o cylindrical latch with groove rod
o Safety against injury – “Safe Fingers” hinge system
o Photocells

Use neutral detergent/soap. Clean the dust with a soft cloth. Clean the stains with a cloth moistened in a soapy water solution or a non-chlorine solution. Washing with water jet is forbidden because the motor can be short-circuited. Avoid electric water pressure washers.
Avoid strong and abrasive detergents.
If the power is cut off, the manual operation of the door will be switched on automatically. Follow the steps as instructed by the installation technicien team.
We regularly recommend lubrication of the mechanical system.
The best recommendation for increasing product’s life is prevention. Depending on the average usage of the garage doors, we recommend regular inspections. For uses of about 5 (five) cycles per day we recommend an annual inspection.