5 noiembrie 2018


With superior finish quality, and available in a wide range of colours, the aluminium roller shutters add personality and elegance to every home. Additional comfort is guaranteed by both thermal insulation (resulting from the insulating air layer between the roller and the joinery, resulting an energy saving of up to 30% per year) and acoustic insulation.

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With excellent anti-theft propreties, especially in the case of apartament buildings, and a rounded or square design, the Alexiana aluminium roller shutters are the solution that perfectly combines utility and aesthetics, both for residential and commercial use.


There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved.
o Standard or with integrated insect screens
o Aluminium profile
o 37 x 8.5mm slats
o CFC-free polyurethane foam filling
o Aluminium guiding rail systems
o Thermal and acoustic insulationOptional: integrated brake mechanism, in case of the insect screen drop


Dust can be removed with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Stains can be removed with a cloth dampened in a soapy water or non-chlorine solutions. Washing with the water jet hose is forbidden because the motor can be short-circuited.
Avoid strong and abrasive detergents.If the electricity outage, switch to manual operation of the shutter. Follow the steps as instructed by the installation techniciens team. Manual operation is used without suddenly striking the cord or the tape. Movements must be linear.Do not hit, crush, bend, melt, crack or expose to excessive heat the manual operation cassette.

The most recommendation for incrising product’s durability is prevention. Depending on the average roller shutter’s use, we recommend regular inspections. For uses of approximately 5 cycles per day, we strongly recommend an annual general inspection. For 50 cycles per day – a 6 month general inspection. This will be done by an authorized technicien.

If the roller shutter is equipped with a motor, the total uninterrupted operation time should not exceed 4 minutes. If the roller shutter motor overheats (maximum uninterrupted operation time) a thermal sensor automatically disconnects the roller shutter motor from the power source. To put the roller shutter back into operation, wait for 30 minutes. Do not attach other construction elements, do not modify or do not remove other parts that ensure the proper operation of the product.

We recommend regular lubrication of the mechanical system. For this operation, the roller shutter must be kept into the open position.